15 Confessions That Will Make You Swear Off Dating For Good

7. It Was A Dare

Did you know that some couples are couples because one of them was dared to ask the other person out? Apparently this is a thing. Yup, it’s pretty surprising. There are quite a few confessions on Whisper on this subject. This one guy said, “I asked my girlfriend out as a joke on a dare. We’ve been dating for over a year now.” You have to think that he didn’t tell his girlfriend because he wouldn’t want to upset her. Can you imagine if your boyfriend told you that he originally asked you out on a dare? This totally sounds like the plot of a really fun romantic comedy, don’t you think? Of course, if you were really in love, then he would have told you that he was glad that he asked you out on a dare since now he’s with you and you’re the best girlfriend that he’s ever had. That’s really the only way that you could move on from this.

6. Swiping Left

Whoa. This is pretty crazy. If this happened to you, you would definitely start laughing… and then the person would look over and realize it was you… and it would be pretty awkward. You know that when you use dating apps, there are some people who don’t find you attractive and who swipe left on your profile. That’s just the way that it goes. You’re not everyone’s cup of tea or everyone’s type, just like you don’t think that every guy that you swipe on is cute. But you don’t want to see someone literally swiping left on you in front of you. That’s basically your worst nightmare. Of course, in this case, it was even more awkward since this person wasn’t going to read through the bio. They were swiping on looks alone. Ouch.

5. Creative Cheating

This is definitely a super sad confession and it’s something that you would never want to experience yourself. This woman was actually pregnant… and her husband cheated on her using a dating app. To make things even worse, he didn’t use his real name. Nope. He used the name that they had chosen for their son who she hadn’t even been born yet. Yikes. If your friend told you that this happened to them, you would be so mad you wouldn’t even know what to say. You know that unfortunately, a lot of married people use dating apps and try to cheat. There are also a lot of people who say that they are in an open relationship, which could be true or could be a total lie. After reading this confession, you are definitely glad that this has never happened to you.

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