15 Confessions That Will Make You Swear Off Dating For Good

10. No Garlic Allergies Allowed

Having food allergies is tough. If you can’t eat gluten or dairy (or both), then you definitely miss pizza and cinnamon rolls, but unfortunately you have to say goodbye to them. Dating with allergies can be super tricky since you might not want to tell someone straight-up or act like you’re a diva about the restaurant choice. You don’t want to draw attention to your food allergies because it’s not like they are really such a big deal. You still live your life and have fun. Have you heard of someone being allergic to garlic? Probably not. It’s not really a super common allergy. It must exist because this guy’s Whisper confession is that he wasn’t about to go on a date with a girl who was allergic to garlic. Um, okay. You don’t know why that was such a deal breaker for him. Yes, everyone is different and everyone wants different things from a relationship. But garlic? What? You definitely feel badly for that girl.

9. Love And Tacos

If people think that getting married means that the magic is gone, they should think again. If you have a good marriage, then things will still be as amazing as they ever were. A lot of people confessed on Whisper that they keep up a super adorable text message chain with their husbands. You would definitely love it if your boyfriend texted you that he bought you tacos. It would be the best news ever. Of course, this Whisper confession is pretty shocking since you usually don’t think of married couples as being quite this adorable and sweet. Unfortunately, movies and the media act like being married means saying goodbye to your freedom and your happiness. Now that you see this cute taco text message, you know that’s not the case.

8. First Date Kisses

Do you kiss on the first date? Chances are, it depends on the situation. First dates can range from amazing to horrible. Sometimes you meet someone and instantly feel super comfortable with them and you can’t believe that you didn’t know them until that moment. You would definitely want to end the evening with a kiss because of the magical connection. Other times, you have the worst time ever and definitely don’t want to kiss this person. It’s tough to imagine a guy freaking out that a girl didn’t want to kiss him on the first date, but apparently some people don’t like this, at least according to this girl’s Whisper confession. She asks, “Is it really that weird to wait?” and the answer is no, no it’s not. There are lots of girls who don’t want to kiss on the first date because they want to get more comfortable with the guy that they went out with. Nothing wrong with that.

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