15 Confessions That Will Make You Swear Off Dating For Good

13. Fear Of Rejection

If you wonder why that cute guy who was smiling at you from across a crowded bar the other night and didn’t walk over to you, maybe it was for the same reason as this guy: because he figured that you would hate him once you got to know him. Um, what?! You know that it’s tough to walk up to someone and talk to them, let alone hit on them or flirt with them, because you never know if that person thinks you’re attractive or even wants you to talk to them. But you would never think that a guy would be scared to talk to you because he would expect you to reject him months after you’ve started seeing each other. You wish that you could give this person a big hug and tell them to be more confident and secure in who they are.

12. Bad Storytelling

Okay, can you imagine if your boyfriend believed that you sucked at telling stories? Would you really want to keep dating him? No, you wouldn’t. You would be really upset, hurt, and annoyed, and you would wonder why they were even with you if they hated this part of your personality. Sure, no one is perfect and you’re not going to love every single little thing about the person that you date, but you don’t want to feel super frustrated whenever they do something like tell a story. If someone is thinking this way about their girlfriend, it seems like they don’t really like them as much as they used to or as much as they want to. It definitely sounds like a breakup is in order. This is just a super negative, toxic situation for both people to be in.

11. Passing Gas

Okay, now this one is super shocking, right?! Talk about gross. You get why this guy doesn’t want his girlfriend to fart in public and why he would be upset about it. You also have to wonder why she is farting in public… and why this keeps happening. Because it sounds like a problem. You have to wonder why this couple is still together because it seems like this would be a huge issue. You would never be able to date someone who was constantly passing gas, whether you were alone or in public. Let’s just be real about this for a second. This is super disgusting and you wouldn’t be attracted to someone who did this. You really have so many questions about this situation, but since you don’t know this couple and this was an anonymous confession, you’re going to have to let your imagination run wild about this one.

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