15 Confessions That Will Make You Swear Off Dating For Good

If you’ve been on a bad date (and you definitely have… and probably more than one), then you know that dating can be pretty hilarious sometimes. And, okay, it can be pretty horrifying. It’s always fun to grab a few drinks with your best friends and learn about what’s been going on in their love lives. Sometimes you just have to listen to the stories and live vicariously through them. Hey, you can’t help it. You love hearing this stuff. If you know about the Whisper app, then you know that this is an amazing place where you can read about all kinds of secrets and confessions. The tales will definitely pique your interest. You might think that you’re an experienced dater and that literally nothing will surprise you, but you just might be amazed at the stories that you hear. Read on to find out 15 confessions about dating that will shock you.

15. A Sneaky Stolen Phone

Can you imagine your boyfriend stealing your phone? That’s definitely pretty horrible. Your phone is your entire life. No matter how much you want to believe otherwise, you can’t. You are super attached. Can you imagine your boyfriend stealing your phone… while you were kissing him? Now that is on another level. Whoa. How would that even happen? Would you have your phone on the bed or couch or wherever you were making out and he would have just grabbed it? What if it was in your pocket or purse and he managed to get it? It’s crazy to think about but apparently this happened because this was a Whisper confession. You would definitely dump someone if they stole your beloved phone… and if you were already broken up, well, you would be glad that you had said goodbye to them.

14. Super Rude

First of all, this person shouldn’t be insecure about having “big pores” because chances are, she doesn’t have them at all and she looks totally beautiful. Everyone has something about their appearance that they don’t love and that they think should be different, but the truth is that everyone is perfect the way that they are. Yeah, it sounds super corny, but it’s the truth. Second of all, it is really crappy for someone to tell their date that they have big pores. Talk about super rude. If a guy ever comments on your appearance in a negative way, you should honestly tell him to take a hike and you should stop talking to him immediately. Why would you possibly put up with that kind of bad behavior? It doesn’t matter how cute or nice he seemed before that. He’s not worth it.

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