12 People Who Are Only Famous Because Of Who They Dated

3. Elizabeth Hurley: Red Carpet Curiosity


Elizabeth Hurley is another actress who was working but wasn’t super famous before becoming involved with a famous person. When she started dating Hugh Grant and showed up on his arm at a red carpet event, then people really became interested in her. From then on, she has been a celebrity in the public eye, for better or for worse. One of the moments that wasn’t the greatest to be in the public eye was when Hugh got caught cheating. He was dating Elizabeth at the time so naturally, a lot of people wanted to hear how she felt about the situation. She wasn’t happy. It seems like they have remained friends over the long term since Elizabeth has said in recent years that the two of them still talk every single day. The two dated for 13 years after meeting on the set of a film and Hugh is still the godfather of Elizabeth’s son who she had with her ex, Steve Bing.

2. Dean McDermott: Cheating Scandal


Dean McDermott was an unknown actor until he started dating Tori Spelling. Tori has admitted that the two did the deed on the very first night that they met… which was when she was still married to her first husband Charlie Shanian. Dean was also still married at the time to his first wife, Mary Jane Eustace. They two met while working on the set of the Lifetime TV movie Mind Over Murder. The fact that Tori and Dean cheated on their significant others when they first met made it hard for Tori to blame Dean when he cheated on her with another woman. Not sure that makes perfect sense… These days, Tori and Dean have several children and Dean also has a son from his previous marriage.

1. Jessica Seinfeld: A Way Out


Jessica Seinfeld may be a household name now, but she wasn’t before she met and married Jerry Seinfeld. Jessica was actually already married when she met Jerry, but shortly after meeting him, she broke off her marriage and started seeing him. She explained that she was going through a tough time and the way he approached her at the gym and made her laugh really made an impact on her. Jessica Seinfeld has used her fame to become a cookbook author and philanthropist. So far, she has released four cookbooks and also launched a New York based charity called Baby Buggy. The charity provides necessary items for low-income families who are having trouble covering the basics. She started the charity after having her first child and realizing how much stuff they had after the kid that they no longer needed.

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