10 Compromises Every Person Should Make, And 10 They Shouldn’t In A Relationship

18. You Should Compromise Thinking As A Singleton

Life in a long-term relationship is different from life as a single gal in many ways. There are pros and cons to both, but they require a different way of thinking.

You don’t have to completely become a new person once you commit yourself to someone else, but you do have to start making decisions with them in mind.

When it comes to things that you once would have agreed to without batting an eye, like travel, moving and spending, you have to at least consider your partner’s position on those subjects when making those big decisions in a serious relationship.

17. You Shouldn’t Compromise The Goals You’ve Set For Life

Getting into a serious relationship is a big change, but like we said, not everything has to totally transform. You shouldn’t have to give up who you are for a relationship, and part of that means keeping the same goals you had before.

Naturally, goals tend to change as life goes on, and it’s okay at twenty-nine to no longer want the things you wanted when you were nineteen. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice something you want with all your heart just so you can keep your relationship. Particularly if your partner isn’t making any similar sacrifices, you shouldn’t either.

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